me: We all make mistakes; it’s how we learn. I think the worst mistake someone can make is to kill another person, and I think nearly everyone who kills someone comes to that conclusion.

her: Well, I certainly do make mistakes.

me: ‪I’ve been thinking about human violence and looking at some images of hanging. Did you know they have lots of public hangings in Iran currently?

her: Hmmm.

me:  ‪It seems to me that violence has evolved from immediate, one on one, hand to hand, to objects….

like rocks, sticks,

sharpened rocks and sticks

to projectiles

to other ways to harm the body

to mechanized ways of harming

to mechanized projectiles

and on and on to the atomic bomb

and so on

and it seems to me that killing has become something that has the potential to be very abstract and removed from the person doing the killing, and simultaneously one is able to kill more and more people at “one blow”.

Thoughts? Also, I am trying to see how that relates to MELIORISM.

her: Oh.

me:  ‪But technology also allows people all over the world to have greater and more immediate knowledge of others, “the oneness space” -“nothings more important”.

her; Uh-huh.

me:  ‪Actually I’m wondering if it is two sides of the same coin. Perhaps in every way technology makes our relationships with one another more abstract. Like this:


That’s “me” “smiling”.