2 thoughts on “YOU

  1. Alarik Skarstrom

    It seems likely that the terrorist, who may be a religious fundamentalist as well, is also one who is suspicious of technology or at least of those who appear to be its master. Hence they would prefer to behead the living being rather than shoot him or otherwise project death from a distance. Beheading is more intimate; the work of the Luddite?

    But perhaps the insensitivity bred by distance has always been with us. The social distances in a feudal society allowed for violence and mayhem–that is, the effect you describe isn’t only achieved by technology.



  2. linda suwara

    mans inhumanity to man makes me sad. my father said to understand things look to nature. animals eat each other {for survival}. mother nature is indiscriminately cruel, floods, fire, tornadoes, drought, famine, disease, young and old or whatever your statis, it doesn’t matter. i hope we can evolve to be good to one another and mother nature.



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